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What is our Harvest Home celebration? When did it have its beginning?

We have the answer to the first question because Harvest Home is “alive and well” today, as it continues to be one of the most important traditions in our Church life. We look forward to it as a feast day, of course, but most importantly it is an opportunity to bring over tithes and offerings into the “Storehouse,” God’s House, for the specific purpose of seeing that the “Storehouse” is a comfortable, attractive, and safe place in which to worship.

Let’s look at some of the ways our offerings have made this possible. We’ll start with “recent history” when, in 1965, we dedicated our Educational Building. Many members of our church family remember Sunday School classes in the basement or in the corner of the Sanctuary. Where did we hold our Harvest feast before its construction – on the grounds? And no bathroom! Another big leap in faith came when we purchased the brick rancher outside of Accomac for our “new” parsonage, which has since been sold.

The list goes on and on: protective covers for our beautiful stained-glass windows, carpet and padded pews, air conditioning, slate roof, state-of-the-art sound system, fresh paint, and new appliances.

How did we make all this happen? Because we were willing and able, with God’s help, to see that our Church stayed a comfortable, attractive, and safe place in which to worship, through our annual Harvest Home offerings.

None of our members remember when Harvest home began, only that it was in the Fall, at harvest time, when farmers were able to honor their commitment to the church. The earliest reference found in our Minutes is from 1941. Among other mentions down through the years is the recommendation in 1958 that “Harvest Home Festival” be held in November with a goal of $2500.00.”

As mentioned, we still observe Harvest Home with a grand feast and an opportunity to bring our offerings into the Storehouse. In recent years our goal has been to raise $15,000. That goal has been reached and surpassed annually.

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