Drummondtown Baptist Church

Church Membership Guide
October 1, 2019 –September 30, 2020

Dr. David Denny

Board of Deacons
(For three year terms)

  (Third year)            (Second year)              (First year)
Jo Anne Coniglio        Shirley Deeds           Tommy Hines
   Wayne Parks                                                Eddie Mears
Susan Warren              Mark Mize                 Ted Lewis

Finance Committee

Ted Lewis - Chairman           Susan Mears
Mark Mize           David Rew           Jody Hopkins

Trustees (not elected)

Susan E. Warren           Edward L. Mears III           Ted L. Lewis


General Treasurer – Susan Mears           Assistant – Ted Lewis
Memorial Fund Treasurer – Susan Mears
Building Fund Treasurer – Susan Mears

Other Officers

Moderator – Sandy Kennedy           Vice Moderator –Wayne Parks
Clerk – Jo Anne Coniglio
Assistant – Amy Kay Hines

Worship Committee

Pastor, Music Director(s), Choir Director(s), Decorations Committee Representative,
Ushers Committee Representative, Children’s/Youth Team Representative

Building & Grounds (Property Committee)

Tommy Hines, Chairman • Leslie Rew • Mark Mize
Mark Smith • Jody Hopkins
Joe Lewis

Christian Education

Assistant – Amy Kay Hines
Secretary - Tommy Hines
Adults - Dr. David Denny           Substitute - Sherri Brown
Middle School & High School – Amy Kay Hines, Shirley Deeds
Nursery/Pre-K/Elementary - Rachel Parobek, Cheryl Bloxom, Alice Denny
Susan Warren, Jo Anne Coniglio, Alice Rew
Librarian – Jo Anne Coniglio
Media and Marketing – Shirley Deeds, Anna Hines
Youth and Children’s Ministry Team Coordinator(s) – Jo Anne Coniglio, Shirley Deeds, Laurel Rippon

Nominating Committee

Sandy Kennedy           Billie Lilliston           Alice Rew
Wayne Parks

Music Ministry

Music Director – Dale Parks
Organist – Jo Anne Coniglio
Substitute Organist – Dale Parks
Children’s & Youth Choir Director – Jo Anne Coniglio

Special Services

Church Hostess:
Shelly Mize

Social Committee:
Ted Lewis           Amy Kay Hines           Dale Parks
Shelly Mize           Linda Young           Tommy Hines
Paige McLean           Linda Nyborg
Susan Warren         Butch Lewis

Baptism Committee:
Benjy Rew           David Rew           Shirley Deeds
Cheryl Bloxom

Benjy Rew, David Rew, Butch Lewis, Ross Smith, Brandon Smith, Ted Lewis

Flower Committee:
Alice Rew           Amy Kay Hines           Shelly Mize
Ted Lewis       Alice Denny      Linda Young

College Hospitality:
Diane Sterling


The Bridge Network of Churches, Inc. Delegates:

Linda Young
Wayne Parks
Dale Parks
Denna Ward

The Bridge Network of Churches, Inc.
Executive Committee:

Denna Ward
Linda Young

Baptist General Association of Virginia: Pastor, Dr. David Denny

Cooperative Baptist Fellowship: Pastor, Dr. David Denny


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